Thursday, March 22, 2012


the other day as i was having a conversation with my friends, we agreed on one thing. memandangkan i will only get to have my roomate Fara for this semester sahaja (because this is her last semester), we will have a lot of quality times together. plus, dengan tidak membuang waktu i will have my jogging & working out sessions with my close buddy NekSara. so we agreed on not to waste time. but with the crazy timetable me & my friends have, kadang kadang alpa. but we got our butts on track bila free.

as i was down with sickness past weeks, i got my friends during my frail times. that time my friends paling kurang dengar my naggings. because i dapat rasa i don't talk much that time. or aku je rasa macam tu? hahaha. oh moving on, at that time i felt all the love from my loved ones. when i called home, they immediately ask me to go back so they can take care of me. my bestfriend was worried sick, he tak putus putus call and text just to ask how i was doing. NekSara offered her meds when my silly self forgot to bring back my meds. the roomate sanggup tidur dalam panas just not to let me sleep in the coldness. and tak lupa juga the nice words from friends yang jauh. yang twit dan text. i owe them big time. i'm touched.

i love how much i can spend time with the people i knew since my foundation days. so i feel all the love.

surprisingly, my case study lecturer gave a quote yesterday. he's a very strict lecturer. but its fun to be in his class.

"Sustain what you have. Don't let go of anything loyal"

when i heard this quote, my family, geng ASAB, SEMERA friends & my bestfriends pops into my mind. :)
because they're always been there for me. to appreciate and love them is what i must do to repay their love back.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

March madness

March randoms!

 that is all. sayang semua orang. sayang roomate jugak, sayang Neksara jugak. ;)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Well some say when you still have the appetite to eat, eat lah while you can. Don't tahan tahan. Contoh if you have the desire or the cravings to eat something, sila lah eat because when you dah sakit anything pun dah tak boleh enjoy or indulge dah. Like now, i dont even have the appetite to eat anything. Looking at food pun i takde nafsu siot!

How can that be? Hahaha.

Semoga saya cepat sembuh. :) good foooooood!!!! The foods i dpt makans before i got sick. Uwaah now kalau makan apa pun tak rasa apa. Sedihhh :'(