Tuesday, April 24, 2012

thank you you.

to you awesome guy, thank you for being with me during my frail times and i want you to be with me during my happy times as well. thank you for being awesome. ;)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

IPTS dan perceptions.

so with all this hiatus going about since the recent SPM result just came out. there is one matter that bothers me the most.
i can't stand some perceptions some people have on Institut Pengajian Tinggi Swasta (IPTS) students. that kind of people kept on saying;

IPTS students are people with money.
As long as you have money, you can get into any IPTS you want. excuse me? that is totally not true.
it is hardwork okay to get into a learning institution. well of course, if it is IPTS an extra amount of money is needed. but still the requirements to get into an IPTS is not a joke. to get into foundation you need at least 5 credits including Maths and to get into diploma you need at least 3 credits. refer THIS to get a hind sight on requirements to get a spot in UNITEN. :)

we IPTS students are also student who have to bear with paying educations loans when we graduate. we IPTS students also needs to maintain our pointers to prevent our loans from being suspended. what more? being a student is hard work. bukan jadi pelajar IPTA/IPTS je yang susah. its not easy for all.

IPTS students are not smart.
who says?!
this part is a long drive of a debate, i'll let my fellow IPTS friends curse on this. :)

people should start ditch that kind of mind set. mesti ada orang fikir, "omg, ada orang fikir macam tu?' i just stumbled upon a person who said its easy to get into IPTS. you don't have to be a bright kid to get into IPTS. you can literally pay to get into one. sorry cakap lah, orang yang cakap macam itu lah yang tak pandai sebenarnya. u talk with no proof. ramai orang akan marah with your statement. in fact, i did get pissed when i heard all this shiznits about IPTS.

adik adik yang baru dapat result, yang tengah mencari cari tempat untuk further studies, this is the time to make choices wisely. don't go jibby jabbing on saying IPTS is easy catch. its not. tak percaya, you can ask other IPTS students. mungkin lah i blog about this because i felt offended by the people who said IPTS is for rich brats. sila tahu, my parents & family is not rich at all. but still, i'm a UNITEN student which is an IPTS. so i admit memang salah sendiri tak belajar dengan lebih gigih masa waktu SPM dulu. so having to bear with expensive fees is all on my shoulders as i have to start paying-off my debts when i start to work in the future.

it doesn't matter where ever you study but being a student is a tough job too.

so awesome people, think awesomely. ;)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

i don't get it.

Nampak sangat you're so effected by me kan nak cakap i'm so annoying? I don't ever ask you to read my twitter updates, belog updates and such. In fact, we don't talk anymore. So, boleh sangat kau nak unfollow aku from any of my social pages. Because excuse me miss, you have no effect in my life in what so ever you do. But calling me annoying is so out of the blue.

Yes, i do miss our times together but hey missy, life is so much better now. No offense, you really need to mind your own business. Really and seriously. I did apologize but hey, what answer did i got? so just blankly calling out my name and offering helps just made me confuse. I don't have any problem with you, but you can really help me by unfollowing me. You-know-who-you-are.

Thanks! ;)

Monday, April 2, 2012

pengajaran and lessons to be learnt.

kadang kadang people go up and say, why people never treat me so nice one leh? i did nothing wrong but still people treat me like i did. why one meh?
but did you ever thought that you never once treated someone good and that makes people treat you like that one? contohlah, B didnt attend budak A's wedding. there is a big possibility budak A will not attend B's wedding in the future. because mesti A rasa, "ah, dia tak pergi wedding aku, why should i go to hers?" haa kan sudah? aduh pakai contoh wedding pulak kan. okay contoh lain.

C sakit and nobody visited her during her sick period. so C was wondering, "ehh sedihlah my friends tak visit me when i sick lah." then C tetiba teringat yang dia tak pergi visit pun M, N, O, P & Q masa diorang sakit. so kat situ, dia dah wajib rasa seperti kena ketuk kat dahi. as in, dah sedar lah what happen sekarang.

tidaklah i nak kata i percaya hukum karma. but what goes around comes around and what u give is clearly what you will get back. Allah Maha Adil dan Allah sayangkan semua hamba-Nya. so faham kan?

so nak dijadikan cerita, Nenek was talking about mingling with her friends and what not. Nenek cakap that dia rajin pergi kenduri keramaian, tolong orang masak for kenduri, weddings, marhaban, tahlil arwah, cukur jambul and macam macam lagi sebab she wants other people to attend the kenduri for all her cucu(s) in the future. ye lah, nak kata untuk anak(s), anak anak Nenek semua dah kahwin. harhar. -.-' okay lame joke.

so pengajaran and lessons to be learnt is that, to always do good deeds first. don't wait for others dulu. kita tak akan mungkin sedar perlakuan kita. so how about go tell one good friend that every time you mess up, its okay to tell you off. like, "Haipp, jangan", "That's not it", "You're not supposed to do that", or apa apa je.

so, i feel like listening to JT's song. ouh tetiba sangat! bye awesome people! stay awesome! ;)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

conteng contengs

Along datang with KPTM note pads & pen. "nah nah amik" and *poof* dia hilang. i was dead bored duduk bawah tangga. dah puas tengok orang. so korek balik gift bag, and keluarkan note pad tadi. i told my cousin Naziera, "ahh jom lah main conteng - conteng" at first i was playing the role of Hollywood artist main sign sign note pad dia. then the real scribbles begin. hahaha. sesiapa yang kena lukis tu, maafkan saya. saya memang tak bertangan artistik. main Draw Something pun hancur! haha.

**bukti pertama aku usha sekeliling**
**bukti kedua aku usha sekeliling**

oih gambar - gambar ni auto rotate lah pulak! -.-'

semalam ada karnival "Jom Masuk U" kat PWTC. so the sister was apart of it sebab ambil subjek Student Ambassador lah camtu. so kira macam duta pelajar? wah kelas gituuuu! i was there accompanying my cousin, Naziera sebab dia baru dapat result SPM so molek sangat lah dia tengah nak cari tempat sambung belajar. kasut aku pulak makan kaki. great. pakai flats pun boleh sakit. then ada jugak Shoe Festival 2012. tak boleh nak gila sangat tengok kasut sebab after the cut pun the shoes still mahal. untuk aku lahhh. dan oh nasib aku tak gila kasut. aku beli kasut untuk keperluan bukan kemahuan.

dan dan, yesterday was also the day i met Abang Rimmy. SEGAN SEGAN SEGAN. hahaha. :PP
ohh Abang Rimmy is the sister's bestfriend. been BBM'ing, Twitting, FB'ing, Skype'ing & Whatsapp'ing with him for some time now.
so thats about it. and yesterday was the first day aku telan protein. i'm trying to shake off some fats & mintak tolong protein to make it work lah. i just want to be healthy lah thats it sebab ramai orang sayang aku & wants me to be healthy! kan kan? ;DD

bye bye awesome people! stay awesome! ;)